Gems of War - 2 Brothers in Arms

This week: Raid Boss

Close 10 portals to earn rewards.

The guidelines:

    When you're a member of our guild there are a few guidelines you must follow:
  • Play the guild activity each day (Raid Boss / Guild Wars / Invasion / Tower)
  • Complete the weekly requirements (white numbers in guild Roster)
  • Reach Tier 1 every week
  • Donate gold only to the highlighted task
  • Check the guild chat daily
  • Notify us in the chat when you can't play
  • Check this site regularly

Guild records:

Highest level:1343Serengir
Oldest member (days):1307Maurizia
Most troops collected:824Serengir
Highest rank:1Lord Xeen
Longest win streak:219Serengir
Faction Renown Total:38730Apltym
Best Faction Total:2350Apltym
Largest treasure hoard:268toby (the white one)

Teams suggestions:

General attack team
Yao Guai
Queen Titania
Class: Archer
General defense team
Norbertís Turnip
Nobend Brothers
King Gobtruffle
Class: Oracle


  • King Brother: Brother Xeen and Brother Whirlee
  • Master Brother/Sister: you're a well respected brother/sister
  • Brother/Sister: you're doing ok, but you miss a few guidelines
  • Fallen Brother/Sister: you're not following the guidelines, you risk being removed from the guild
  • About us:

    Brothers in Arms has been created by 2 real live brothers: Brother Xeen and Brother Whirlee.
    We try to create a top guild, with players who are very active and try all aspects of the game.
    Players must follow all the guidelines.
    Check your rank to see how you are doing.